Hospitality work in Australia

If you want to work in a city like Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, hospitality work in Australia is a common way for you to earn money while making new friends and without doubt

Bars, pubs, hotels and restaurants employ a large number of caricatures, especially in the summer. However, there are also many using work and holiday visas for this type of work, so try and arrive early this season to be able to find work easily.

Apa jenis pekerjaan di perhotelan

If you want to work in hospitality, there are many different opportunities. You can work as

  • waiter/waitress
  • chef/cook
  • kitchen hand
  • sandwich hand
  • barista
  • bartender
  • concierge
  • other jobs (e.g. delivery driver, receptionist, housekeeper)

These jobs are often paid very well, from $ 20 to $ 30 per hour (sometimes more on weekends). The minimum wage is currently $ 18.93 per hour.

“Then, where do I get my Australian Work and Holiday Visa?”

Here we are ready to help and serve you wholeheartedly to provide information on plantation user partners who are in need of workers with Work and Holiday Visa. You only need to contact us through the online system or you can also come to our office address.