Work on an Australian plantation while enjoying a vacation.

Working on a plantation? Why not, working on an Australian plantation is not like working like farmers in Indonesia. Work starts from cleaning, planting, fertilizing and so forth. The work that we mean is not like that, but you just work as pickers or harvesters of fruit or vegetables, not doing everything about the garden.

Wages / salaries are prioritized at work. This includes other differences between working on Indonesian and Australian plantations. Wages received from the work are calculated starting from the hourly basis. Then, the hourly wages will start from AUD $ 15 – $ 20. If it is translated into IDR 150,000 – 200,000 per hour. For the monthly amount, please calculate by yourself how it will turn out, maybe it can be said to be “WOW”.

While working, earning money you can enjoy the scenery around the plantation for free. What’s more, you can also learn how Australian people garden, which you can apply later in Indonesia. So how do you get the job? The answer is that you must have a Work and Holiday Visa first and then leave for Australia as a Work and Holiday Visa holder. There are many advantages to a Work and Holiday Visa. Apart from the destination for a vacation, you can work with a high salary, besides that you will get an extraordinary experience and can also learn about Australia

The question is, “do I have to work in one plantation for up to 12 months or until my” stay “period is over?”. You can only work there for a maximum of 12 months with 2 different employers. agi You are free to work in the plantation sector whichever you like or vacation wherever you want, as long as your Work and Holiday Visa is still there.

“Then, where do I get my Australian Work and Holiday Visa?”

Here we are ready to help and serve you wholeheartedly to provide information on plantation user partners who are in need of workers with Work and Holiday Visa. You only need to contact us through the online system or you can also come to our office address.